"CHILMARK" is an intense psychological drama pitting a homicidal bank robber against the innocent people who get in his way.

"CHILMARK" casts some light onto a dark chapter in the history of a remote New England island town. On a frigid Christmas Eve in 1989, three friends cross paths with a cold-blooded bank robber trying to flee to the mainland. Their chance meeting led to a life-or-death struggle, with repercussions that haunt the town to this day. Using one student's testimony and the official police reports, among other sources, "CHILMARK" accurately portrays the horrific events of that night. While some names have been changed at the request of the families involved, the incident itself is presented in full detail. It will disturb and shock viewers, but it will also stand as a testament to the courage of the innocent people involved and as a warning. For the homicidal robber and the money he stole have never been located. And until they are, the case remains open....
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